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We are a team of dental professionals

To provide the highest service to our colleagues by serving patients in their dental practices as if they were our own.
To continually learn and grow as dental providers while working in a profession we truly love.

Excellence. Passion. Ease.

  • We offer patients numerous options for improving the look and feel of their teeth and smile using state-of-the-art cosmetic techniques.
  • Parkside Village Dental offer patients both traditional and advanced procedures for maintaining healthy teeth and gums.
  • our professional and caring staff will always communicate openly and honestly with you about all your available options
  • We help patients to reduce or eliminate issues of dental pain and discomfort.
  • Using today’s advanced dental techniques, the Parkside village restorative dentists will work with you to restore one tooth, several teeth.


Dr Rania, Doctorate of Dental Surgery
Dr. Rania received her first Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Baghdad University of Dentistry in Iraq in 2002. After moving to Canada in 2002 with her family.

Philosophy and Basic Conditions


Individual consultancy

Each treatment starts with a detailed analysis of the patient’s medical history, followed by a thorough consultation. We will always take our time to find out about your personal wishes and needs in order to explain the options to you. This process is based on many years of experience in combination with recent research findings.


Post-treatment care and long-term success

We are interested in long-term success and also affordable treatments. Hence, after your treatment, we offer you a follow-up and control timetable taking into account your individual dental risk profile. Needless to say that all services carried out are under warranty.


Cost management

Treatment costs depend on the extent of your treatment plan. We provide transparency in this respect to help our patients  make the right choice with regard to goods and services they would like to purchase.


Friendliness, hygiene, organisation

Successful treatment can only be achieved in a positive setting. Friendliness, hygiene and modern ways of organisation are core values of our professional attitude.